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Enjoy Your Own Pool

Come to us to buy a pool because we have everything you need to enjoy it for years to come. Anchor Pools provides swimming pool and spa supplies in Blackwood, New Jersey, and we're big on customer service. We build long-term relationships by supplying chemicals, accessories, and repairs that save you money.

Aboveground Pool Sales

Aboveground pools have many advantages. If you sell your property and move to a new home, you can take the pool down and move it with you. In addition, an aboveground pool does not raise your property taxes like an inground pool will. Pool replacements and packages are available. If your pool is down, the pool alone can be replaced or the complete package if needed. Come into the store and see what we have to offer. You are guaranteed personal service and competitive pricing.

Sizes, Shapes, & Brand Names

Our in-store display model is great tool. You can examine all the pool's features and let us know what size you're interested in. Choose from 18' all the way up to 33' pools in the round shape. The oval pools range from 12' x 24' up to 18' x 33'. Pool brands include:

Vogue® | Cornelius® | Swim-n-Play®

Girl Swiming in a Pool


You purchase the pool through us. We make recommendations on installation and provide you with a pricing sheet to make your decision. Then the installation team arrives with the pool, and they install it.

Spa & Pool Chemicals

If you've never had a pool to maintain, don't worry; we're here to help. Everything you need to get a pool clean and keep it that way is stocked in our store. We offer reasonable prices and a knowledgeable staff. We explain what you need, why you need it, and what's appropriate for your system. Get a free water test for your spa or pool. This allows us to accurately inform you on what products will solve your particular water problem. We carry a full line of spa and pool chemicals, including:

Aquazone® | Nature2® | Eclipse3® | Natural Chemistry®